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“108,000 Americans will receive medical debt relief after $1.34M donation from Stacey Abrams’ PAC”

Erika Giovanetti, Fox Business, 11/4/2021

[Abrams’ group] gifted a $1.34 million donation to the nonprofit RIP Medical Debt as part of an effort to help more than 108,000 Americans with unpaid hospital bills.

“Stacey Abrams’ organization battling racial disparities with COVID-19 vaccination distribution”

Terry Shropshire, Atlanta Voice, 3/24/2021

Abrams is… address[ing] the racial inequities regarding the distribution of vaccinations in southwest Georgia and other regions.

“Stacey Abrams ‘strongly’ urged MLB to keep All-Star game in Atlanta”

Ny Magee, TheGrio, 4/8/2021

Abrams spoke with an MLB senior adviser and “urged the league to keep the All-Star game in Atlanta before the decision to yank the event”

“Stacey Abrams group donates $1.34M to wipe out medical debts

Jeff Amy, Associated Press, 10/27/2021

[Abrams’ group] donated $1.34 million… to wipe out debt with a face value of $212 million… forgiv[ing] the debt of nearly 69,000 people in Georgia…

“Stacey Abrams’ Nonprofit Wants to Make Sure Black Men Aren’t Left Out

Felice León, The Root, 5/6/2020

It’s no secret that black men are historically undercounted [in the U.S. Census]… a nonprofit founded by Stacey Abrams decided to do something about it.

‘Stay And Fight’: Stacey Abrams Says Companies Shouldn’t Boycott Georgia”

Joe Walsh, Forbes, 3/31/2021

Stacey Abrams says companies should not boycott her home state… “I ask you to bring your business to Georgia and, if you’re already here, stay and fight. Stay and vote.”

Stacey Abrams Speaks With The President, Praises Voting Rights Speech, Urges Senate Action

Abrams Statement, 1/11/2022

“I thank the President and Vice President for returning to Georgia to continue their steadfast advocacy for passage of federal legislation to protect the freedom to vote…”

Photo of Stacey Abrams walking with two children, all holding campaign flyers.

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