At our annual post-session townhall meeting, I reviewed the key legislation we debated in 2014 and my positions on each measure. &n...


I am proud to serve as the House Minority Leader for the Georgia General Assembly and as State Representative for Georgia House District 89. The district currently includes the communities of Candler Park, Columbia, Druid Hills, East Atlanta, Gresham Park, Highland Park, Kelley Lake, Kirkwood, Lake Claire, South DeKalb, Toney Valley and Tilson. I continue to be grateful for your trust and support. 

I serve as a member of the DeKalb Delegation, which are the subsets of the General Assembly that consider local legislation. I continue to hold several critical appointments:

  • Appropriations Committee
  • Ethics Committee
  • Judiciary - Non-Civil Committee
  • Rules Committee
  • Ways and Means Committee

I accepted the assignment to serve as Governor Nathan Deal's appointee to the Criminal Justice Reform Commission.

I ask that you continue to stand with me and help make District 89 and Georgia stronger.  To contact me, I can be reached at the Capitol:

There is much to be done, and meeting with so many of you has proven that there is the energy and commitment ready to meet every task.  I am honored by the investment of trust and will endeavor to always warrant your support.  Thank you for your time, energies and your contributions to District 89 and to Opportunity for All!

Warmest regards, 


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