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Stacey Abrams

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How the Republican Hold on the South Could Collapse


Henry L. Marsh III wanted to see President Barack Obama’s second inauguration in person because, at 79, he figured he might not live to see another black president elected. So the Virginia civil rights lawyer spent January 21, 2013, in Washington, D.C., witnessing a part of history he had dedicated his life to making possible. His presence at Obama’s inauguration, however, set off one of the dirtiest political maneuvers in recent history.

Can Georgia Democrats Make the State Turn Blue Ahead of Schedule?


Hanging on the largest wall in Rep. Stacey Abrams’ office, there’s a handy visual reminder of how rotten things are for Democrats. It displays every legislative district in the state, in bright colors, with photographs of Abrams’ colleagues plunked inside them. They are outnumbered, 119 to 60, in districts that cut jaggedly across the terrain to keep the Republicans in power indefinitely. That was the point. They drew the map after winning one of 2010’s many GOP landslides, in a year when nine Georgia Democratic legislators threw up their hands and switched parties.

Another Cantor Lesson

The Huffington Post

While the autopsy of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's election continues, the sideshow discussion of redistricting has taken up some commentary time. The redrawing of his district to reflect the conservative values he espoused had been designed to guarantee longevity. Of course, his opponent would offer the caution of best laid plans and all that.