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WHAT THEY’RE SEEING: Stacey Abrams’ Economic Plan to Ensure All Georgians Have the Opportunity to Thrive 

ATLANTA – On Tuesday evening, Democratic nominee for Governor, Stacey Abrams, delivered her “Georgia Thrives” economic address where she highlighted our state’s “once in a generation” opportunity to invest in Georgia’s families and children and build a future where everyone can thrive — all without raising taxes. 

“Georgia thrives when our economy works for everyone. My economic and jobs plan is firmly rooted in that value. My experience as a small business owner and my decade of experience in the Georgia state legislature have equipped me with the vision to see what must be done and the capacity to deliver across the aisle, across industry and across the state,” said Stacey Abrams. “My Georgia Thrives Plan will grow the economy and focus on jobs and wages, rural revitalization, small business investment, and economic justice – by investing what we have in what we need.”

Additionally, hundreds of Abrams supporters organized watch parties across the state to hear Abrams highlight her economic vision for the state of Georgia and the speech garnered nearly 33,000 views across digital platforms. You can view the full speech here.

Here’s what Georgians are seeing on Abrams’ vow to ensure that Georgia thrives: 

Associated Press: “Abrams seeks to invest to build inclusive economy in Georgia” – “We can do what’s right for Georgia by investing in our economy, saving healthcare, building infrastructure and taking care of our small businesses, our workers and our bottom line,” Abrams said during the Atlanta speech. “We can turn our state around and give back what has been taken from too many Georgians … She said she envisions a focus on small businesses, helping minority-owned businesses catch up and promoting economic mobility in a region of the country where poor people are the least likely to get ahead. “You might assume that this is as good as it gets. It’s not true,” Abrams said. “We are entitled to more. Our taxes have paid for more and now it is time to get our money’s worth.”

11 AliveFree technical college, pay raises for teachers highlight Stacey Abrams’ economic plan – “The gubernatorial candidate said she would take portions of the state’s surplus and create a small business fund, while also investing in a farm-to-school initiative to help grow the state’s agricultural future. “We have an aging population agriculturally, but it’s also one in every seven jobs in the state. I want to make certain that we’re working with our schools, our technical colleges, and our universities to ensure that we get more young people into the pipeline,” she said. Another portion of her plan includes creating cluster contracts — or breaking big contracts into smaller ones to allow companies to bid together. This, Abrams explained, would allow small businesses to not only compete with larger companies that already win big contracts but to grow their businesses over time. Abrams’ plan also includes provisions to help close the racial wealth gap in Georgia. “People of color comprise 48% of the population and yet only generate 12.2% of the business revenue between government and corporate spend,” Abrams explained. “If we do not tackle this problem, it will be 100 years before there is parity between communities of color and non-white, non-minority communities in Georgia in terms of business revenue.”

WUGA:  “Stacey Abrams Reveals ‘Georgia Thrives’ Economic Address” – “Stacey Abrams wants Georgia’s budget surplus to be used to benefit Georgia residents. The Democratic gubernatorial candidate delivered her Georgia Thrives economic address outlining her vision Tuesday evening. “First, we have to expand our skilled workforce,” according to Abrams. “Growing a skilled workforce requires leveraging all assets including partnering with technical colleges, small businesses and labor unions to generate more than 20,000 additional apprenticeships I will restore free technical college for Georgians. Georgia is one of two states in the country, and the only state in the south, that does not offer need-based financial aid for students. My administration will fund the empty need-based financial aid program by using lottery reserves to seed this fund.” A former tax attorney, Abrams said her plan will create jobs, expand opportunity and grow the state’s economy…all without raising taxes.”

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “Abrams: It’s time to legalize casino gambling and sports betting” – “Stacey Abrams backed a plan to legalize casino gambling and sports betting to expand the HOPE scholarship and finance a needs-based program as part of a revamped economic platform she hopes will boost her chances to unseat Republican Gov. Brian Kemp. The Democrat said Tuesday that the new tax dollars generated by legalized gambling would be a “permanent source of revenue to underwrite broader access to education,” including extending the scholarship to students with a “C” average and above. “Studies project that the potential for billions exists in economic impact, funds that will not only finance our efforts to replenish and expand the HOPE scholarship but it will also provide new economic opportunities for Georgia that can grow jobs and make our economy stronger for everyone,” she said.”