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WHAT THEY’RE SAYING: Georgians Share Energy from Campaign Trail as Movement to Build One Georgia Gains Momentum Across State 

ATLANTA – This week, Democratic nominee for Governor, Stacey Abrams, held “One Georgia” events in Valdosta, Waycross, and Eatonton. Abrams’ continues to visit multiple regions in the state to speak with Georgians of all backgrounds about her plans to lower the cost of healthcare, fully fund education and address Georgia’s affordable housing crisis — all without raising taxes. 

See what Georgians are saying about Stacey’s recent travels across Georgia below: 

“During her visit to Valdosta, Stacey showcased her ability to relate to students like me who are navigating the reality of student loan debt and other issues impacting college students. She is ready and willing to invest in the future of young people. Her plans to fund need-based aid in Georgia and restore free technical college will ensure that young people in this state have the ability to build a brighter future and follow the goals they set out for themselves.” – Nyla Cyan Williams, Valdosta State University Congressional District 8 Assistant

“As a small business owner, I need a governor who understands the struggles that small businesses face in Georgia and has a plan to not only support us but invest in us. Stacey is the only candidate in this race that has a plan to invest in small businesses and ensure we get the support we deserve.” – Nick Harden, owner of Big Nick’s 

“Stacey is a leader who is committed to embracing the diversity of our state and will represent Georgians of all backgrounds — not just those who agree with her. We need a governor who understands the importance of cities such as Eatonton and will work to ensure they get the support and investment they deserve. The big crowd that turned out for Stacey in Eatonton is proof that Georgians are fired up for Stacey and ready to make history by electing her as governor in November.” – John Reid, Mayor of Eatonton 

WXFL: Stacey Abrams talks ‘financial aid plan’ with students at Valdosta State University
By: Kyra Purvis
September 6, 2022

“Abrams sat down with students today pledging her dedication to help those needs. For her, it begins with making financial aid a precedent across the state. “Right now Georgia is one of only 2 states in the nation that does not provide need-based financial aid for their students,” said Abrams. Abrams says, if elected she plans to change that. Along with providing more funds to go towards work-study programs and Hope scholarships. “If we increase financial aid and we increase investment in education then the costs come down [for students], but also the quality continues to increase,” said Abrams.”

WCTV: Stacey Abram’s ‘One Georgia’ tour stops in Valdosta
By: Brandon Spencer
September 7, 2022

“Abrams started off her day at VSU where she spoke to students who were excited to see a gubernatorial candidate that looks like them. “It definitely feels nice to see another black female in here talking to us about issues that matter,” shared VSU Senior Mi’Yoshia Blow. “Especially for college students and the fact that she took the time out of your day to come here.” Abrams said she wants the students to know she has their backs. “I want to make certain that we are expanding access to opportunity by investing in our children and by making sure we are paying our teachers a living, explained Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Stacey Abrams. “Which is what I wanted to talk to the Valdosta students about, to increase financial aid because too many of our students our dropping out of college because they can’t afford to stay.” These statements make students like Blow believe Abrams will have an advantage for the younger generations. “Her coming out and actually like starting to put her foot into our communities and back into our communities will definitely help her in this election,” Blow said. “And I definitely commend her on coming out here and I feel honored to meet her.”

Valdosta Daily Times: Abrams touts Medicaid expansion: Candidate meets Valdosta residents, students
By: Malia Thomas 
September 8, 2022

“Abrams criticized Gov. Brian Kemp’s refusal to utilize available state funds to make need-based aid a reality and his touted tax-break plan during the panel at VSU … “Everyone gets the same tax rate but not the same tax opportunity. So when you hear out of Brian Kemp’s mouth saying taxes … he’s not talking about you (students). You’re not the beneficiaries. I want to make certain we invest that money in our young people and transportation and housing and education. It’s a difference of mission. My mission is not to make certain the wealthiest Georgians get even more; my mission is to make sure you all get to be the wealthiest Georgians. That should be our approach and that should be our promise,” she said.”