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VOTING UPDATES: Long Lines Across Georgia, One Georgia Encourages Voters to Stay In Line and Make Their Power Heard

ATLANTA — As of 12:30 pm EST on the first day of early voting, One Georgia announced that over a dozen counties and nearly 20 early voting locations across Georgia are delayed for over an hour and in some cases over an hour and a half. This morning, Georgia’s ENet system experienced an outage causing many of these delays. The campaign will continue to monitor lines, locations, voter’s experiences, and encourage voters to not be deterred.

“After four years of Brian Kemp’s far-right, extremist agenda, Georgia voters are eager to head to the polls–as soon as possible– to remove him from office. Unfortunately, Brian Kemp’s voter suppression bill and failure to provide adequate resources for counties in Georgia has once again resulted in preventable burdens for voters. We are encouraging all Georgia voters to remain encouraged and undeterred. Your vote is your power, and nothing can stop our power from being heard at the polls. Please visit staceyabrams.com/voting to find your early voting locations and operating hours and call or text the Voter Protection Hotline number at 888-730-5816 if you need any assistance,” said Lauren Groh-Wargo, Abrams for Georgia campaign manager.

ENet is the state’s voter registration system used to check-in voters at early vote locations, issue absentee ballots, and register their return. In 2020, the system failed to handle the influx of voters on the first day of early voting. During the primary of this year, the ENet went down during the fourth day of early voting. When the system goes down, it takes counties extra time to switch to alternative check-in methods causing lengthy delays and long lines.