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Stacey Abrams Calls For Suspension Of State Gas Tax Through End Of 2022

ATLANTA – As Georgians across the state prepare for a summer of skyrocketing costs of gas and groceries under Governor Brian Kemp, Stacey Abrams, Democratic nominee for governor of Georgia, is calling on Kemp to commit to suspending the state gas through the end of the year. 
With gas prices in Georgia hovering around $4.22 per gallon as of last Friday, Abrams announced this call to action to provide stability and predictability for working families in the following statement: 
“Right now in Georgia under Brian Kemp, gas prices are skyrocketing, inflation has destabilized our economy and the price of groceries is increasingly out of reach – but Brian Kemp is more focused on political stunts rather than providing stability for Georgia families. If Brian Kemp is serious about helping Georgians cope with inflation, he should suspend the state gas tax through the end of the year. 
Georgians cannot afford for Brian Kemp to use the state gas tax as a political football when they are struggling to feed their families and keep their jobs. He has already refused to accept funds for school lunches during the summer, and his administration continues to delay aid for affordable housing across the state. Georgia families deserve predictability and stability – temporarily suspending the state gas tax for what amounts to little less than two months at a time leaves families struggling to plan and budget, unsure of if or when Brian Kemp will decide to raise prices at the pump again. He is making decisions based on polling, not people’s real pain.
Unlike Brian Kemp, I actually care about Georgians; and I will always fight for them. The time to do the right thing is well past overdue. Suspend the state gas tax through the end of the year and give hardworking Georgians the stability they deserve. I will fight every single day to be the governor Georgians need to not simply survive but to thrive.”