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ICYMI: Washington Post on Kemp Allies’ Bill Banning His Opponents from Fundraising

Today, an article from the Washington Post detailed brazen legislation pushed by Kemp’s state senate allies that would prohibit all of his opponents from fundraising until April 4 or later. The Post noted opposition from both Stacey Abrams and David Perdue on the proposal from Kemp allies in the General Assembly that would suspend fundraising while the legislature is in session, despite the fact that Kemp has an exclusive ability to raise unlimited funds during that same timeframe.

More from The Washington Post below: 

  • …Democrat Stacey Abrams and former senator David Perdue, who is challenging Kemp in the GOP primary, say the proposal unfairly targets their campaigns and gives Kemp an unfair advantage.
  • Abrams’s team notes that the move came shortly after her campaign announced outraising Kemp in December and January. According to her campaign, she raised a total of $9.2 million in December and January, and had $7.2 million on hand. 
  • Kemp reported raising $2.5 million during the same period, with a total of $7.4 million between July 2021 and Jan. 31. 
  • The General Assembly session began in January and is scheduled to end April 4. Opponents of the measure are concerned, however, because Kemp has the power to extend the session or call special sessions, further hindering challengers’ ability to fundraise.
  • “This attempt by incumbents to shut down their challengers’ ability to raise money is politics at its worst…” Perdue’s campaign said in a statement Tuesday.