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Stacey Abrams Releases Statement on Brian Kemp’s Latest Hospital Closure Failure

ATLANTA – Today, Democratic nominee for governor Stacey Abrams released the following statement after news that Brian Kemp’s agenda might shut down Atlanta Medical Center:

“Brian Kemp has once again placed his extremist agenda before the lives of Georgians. For the second time this year, a hospital will likely turn away patients, right in the heart of Atlanta. Sadly, whether you live in rural, urban or suburban Georgia, Kemp has united every region in a healthcare crisis of spiraling costs and declining access. His continued refusal to expand Medicaid will guarantee more hospitals shut down, and last-minute stop-gap funding or Medicaid waiver half-measures will not address the core, systemic issues facing Georgia’s imploding public health system. If the Atlanta Medical Center shutters completely or shuts down key services, this will be the sixth hospital to turn away patients on his watch.  Every hospital that continues to serve patients who cannot pay because Kemp refuses to accept our tax dollars should be commended. But it is shameful – but not surprising – that Brian Kemp puts his far right partisan politics over what is best for Georgians, who desperately need their health care costs to go down and to have access to medical care.”

Under Brian Kemp, in addition to the potential closure of AMC, there are an estimated 19 rural Georgia hospitals at risk of closing any day, as Kemp refuses to fully expand Medicaid. Today’s announcement marks the sixth hospital that might close under Kemp’s watch – but this crisis continues to unfold with many more at risk due to Kemp’s dangerous agenda.