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Stacey Abrams Releases Statement On Brian Kemp’s Failure to Keep Atlanta Medical Center Open

ATLANTA – Today, Democratic nominee for governor Stacey Abrams released the following statement after news that Brian Kemp will not be offering a solution to keep Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center open:

“Georgia’s hospital system is in a persistent crisis, and one-time relief efforts are simply that — one time. This announcement is a wholly inadequate response that delays the inevitable. Grady Hospital will necessarily accept short-term funds because they are obligated to accept the coming onslaught of gun-shot victims, car accidents and urgent care. However, the residents of Fulton, DeKalb and Atlanta will again bear the cost of Brian Kemp’s malfeasance, and could even pay higher property taxes for the region’s remaining Level 1 Trauma Center. Kemp offers no solution for the staff facing termination weeks before Christmas or the vulnerable who may have to trek to Macon if Grady cannot take the case. 

Brian Kemp’s continued failure to meaningfully address our broken public health system is disastrous; but it is a clear statement of what is to come. He offered no such aid to Southwest Regional or AMC South. Instead, he will allow Atlanta Medical Center to completely shut its doors in less than two months while blaming everyone but himself. 

This crisis cannot be fixed with half-measures. Georgians know what we desperately need: fully expanded Medicaid to ensure that hospitals across Georgia can keep their doors open and the lights on. 

We are now on track to lose six hospitals since 2019 alone. Lives are at risk, and the loss of Atlanta Medical Center means more Georgians will die on Brian Kemp’s watch. We are so grateful for federal Democrats’ leadership on bringing our state essential federal funds, but one check will not solve the problem of losing over 400 hospital beds and hundreds of doctors. Medicaid expansion, collaborative work with hospital systems, and bold policy change can. Anything less is delaying the real solutions our state deserves.”