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Voting Rights

As the founder of multiple organizations promoting and protecting the right to vote, I have demonstrated a commitment to a strong democracy in Georgia and beyond. Every eligible Georgian should have the ability to register to vote, to cast a ballot and to have that ballot properly recorded — without systematic barriers.

As governor, I will prioritize voting rights as essential to democracy and effective government. I will leverage both administrative authority and advocate for legislation to accomplish the following:

Voter Registration

Georgians who are eligible to vote but who did not have an opportunity to register should be able to register and vote on Election Day with proper safeguards. We will ensure conventional paper voter registration applications are processed within 20 days of receipt. We will prioritize top-level security investment for all voting infrastructure, including voter registration systems


  • Provide consistency for voters across all 159 counties. We will make sure counties have the training, resources and flexibility needed to serve their voters and work with the Secretary of State to do so.
  • Make voting in Georgia more accessible. Mandate fair allocation of polling places and polling place resources during early voting and on Election Day. 
  • Ensure that polling locations are stable, convenient and equitable to voters. We will invest in mobile voting precincts to assist seniors, disabled Georgians and Georgians voting in areas with long wait times. Postage for mail ballots should be free.


Votes must count if they are cast in a voter’s county — just as is the practice during early voting periods. Mail ballots must count if they are postmarked up to and including Election Day.

Stop Gerrymandering at State and Local Level

I will veto maps with gerrymandered districts, whether state legislative or Congressional. Moreover, we must end the practice of state interference and restore local control in local elections.

Policy / Voting Rights /
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