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Georgia is home to 13 military installations and more than 2 million military or related family members. As governor, I will leverage my experience and bi-partisan track record in the Legislature and with BRAC to protect our families and our freedoms by strengthening the State Department of Veterans Services and providing resources for veterans to access the jobs, education and housing they deserve.

Invest in Georgia’s Department of Veterans Services

  • Strengthen the State Department of Veterans Services
  • Ensure Georgians who are transitioning out of the military receive the resources and support they need.
  • Provide financial literacy and education on veteran benefits

Support Veteran Employment and Professional Achievement

  • Incentivize veteran hiring with tax credits and the ability to use military experience toward job titles and pay in state hiring
  • Create the Georgia Veterans Higher Education Initiative to provide dedicated veteran support staff at every college and university, more credit transfer opportunities, and additional financial support
  • Fully fund Georgia’s Need-Based Aid Program for higher education: use existing funds and support expanded gaming to finance need-based aid in Georgia, particularly to allow veterans ineligible for the GI Bill to achieve higher education
  • Make technical college tuition-free to all Georgians
  • Increase access to apprenticeships in fields ranging from building trades and construction to coding and healthcare

Support and Reduce Barriers for Veteran-Owned Small Businesses

  • Small Business Capital Growth Fund: Invest $10 million in small business financing programs that help grow customers and commerce.
  • Entrepreneurship Learner’s Permit: Eliminate fees and red tape for veteran-launched small businesses and provide education and training opportunities.
  • Georgia Commercial Investment Program: Directing the Department of Administrative Services to establish and monitor targets for purchasing by all state agencies from veteran-owned businesses.

Expand Access to Safe and Affordable Housing in Georgia

  • Increase Housing Assistance Options for Transitioning and Homeless Veterans: Create long-term partnerships between the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, the State Department and non-profit organizations to convert current infrastructure into housing for vets and provide vouchers to transitioning veterans for homes across the state.
  • Empower local governments to protect homeowners and tenants: Permit localities to take steps to protect homeowners and tenants, including local fair housing ordinances or protecting tenants by requiring inspections of single-family rental homes.
Policy / Veterans /
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