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Small Businesses

As a small business owner, I understand the challenges small businesses face. My plan will invest in initiatives like the Small Business Development Fund to make it easier for first-time business owners to start their own businesses and use Georgia’s purchasing power to support small businesses.

Support and Reduce Barriers for Entrepreneurs

  • Establish a $10 million Small Business Investment Fund to help grow customers and commerce 
  • Eliminate fees and red-tape to start your own business 
  • Support first-time business owners with education, training and waiving business start up costs through the Entrepreneurship Learner’s Permit
  • Use Georgia’s purchasing power to support small businesses, including those owned by people of color, veterans, the disabled and those in rural areas, by establishing and monitoring purchasing targets by all state agencies
  • Allow multiple small companies to jointly bid on state contracts as prime contractors

Bolster Georgia’s Workforce to Meet Demand

  • Restore tuition-free technical college to all Georgians, allowing them to pursue careers in growing industries and supply business with valuable trained labor
  • Create 20,000 apprenticeships across fields ranging from construction, coding and healthcare 
  • Train tens of thousands of additional workers for the clean energy industry to ensure Georgians are at the forefront of green job creation

Provide Georgians with Well-Earned Tax Relief

  • Provide tax rebates for everyone making less than $250,000
  • Create a Georgia Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) to help more than a million working Georgians keep more of what they earn and reinvest in themselves
  • Provide property tax relief for Georgia homeowners

Invest in Georgia’s Energy System

  • Ensure Georgia’s electricity system is cheaper, more efficient and reliable
  • Protect Georgians from increased power rates by capping consumer energy costs
  • Establish the Georgia Green Development Bank to facilitate investment in clean energy and work with interested communities on clean power job creation
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