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Georgia’s senior citizens are a tremendous asset to their state. Whether by virtue of their life experience in their state’s diverse workforce or the volunteer leadership we provide for their community organizations, seniors are integral to building thriving communities in every region of Georgia. I have a plan to expand Medicaid,  lower the cost of insulin and help more seniors age in place by increasing support to housing communities. As governor, I will also champion more reliable non-emergency transportation for seniors, disabled people and others and work to keep their communities safe.

Bolster healthcare access for Georgians.

  • Expand Medicaid to increase healthcare access to seniors who have not yet reached Medicare age and keep more hospitals open 
  • Help more seniors age in place by increasing support to Aging and Disability Resource Centers

Expand access to safe and affordable housing in Georgia.

  • Establish a permanent “Housing Trust Fund” to help seniors stay in affordable, accessible units and aid those facing rising property taxes so they are not forced out of their communities
  • Empower local governments to provide quality housing for aging homeowners and renters

Keep their communities safe by investing in law enforcement, repealing dangerous gun laws and pursuing common-sense reforms.

  • Repeal the criminal carry gun bill signed by Kemp that made it easier for dangerous people to carry concealed weapons
  • Close the Gun Show Loophole by requiring background checks for person-to-person gun sales
  • Repeal “guns everywhere” and gun return laws that endanger the public and are opposed by a majority of Georgians

Put money back in seniors’ pockets.

  • Provide tax rebates for seniors making less than $250,000
  • Create a Georgia Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) to help more than a million working Georgians keep more of what they earn and reinvest in themselves
  • Expand SNAP benefits for seniors
  • Address COLAs for state retirees

Ensure Georgia’s electricity system is cheaper, more efficient and reliable.

  • Protect Georgians from increased power rates by capping consumer energy costs
  • Help seniors weatherize property to reduce insurance and regular costs

Invest in Georgia’s transportation infrastructure.

  • Champion more reliable non-emergency transportation to ensure seniors, disabled people and others can get to medical appointments, school and work
  • Promote local efforts to launch volunteer driver programs
  • Partner with local communities to expand commuter rail and bus networks, particularly in rural areas
Policy / Seniors /
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