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Public Safety

​​Communities know best what their people need to be safe. Law enforcement also faces increased risk from escalating gun violence in the midst of officer shortages, which puts communities and officers at increased risk as well. Despite these challenges, Kemp has made it easier for people, including dangerous people, to get guns and deflect responsibility for rising crime. 

I have a plan to help ensure communities are safe, address officer recruitment and support those in the field to build towards One Georgia, where we all thrive and where our children are safe and surrounded by opportunity. 

Repeal Dangerous Gun Laws.

  • Repeal the criminal carry bill signed by Kemp that made it easier for dangerous people to carry concealed weapons
  • Repeal campus carry, “guns everywhere” and gun return laws that endanger the public and are opposed by a majority of Georgians
  • Close the Gun Show Loophole by requiring background checks for person-to-person gun sales

Empower communities to prioritize the most serious crimes.

  • Reduce the role of law enforcement in crisis intervention and broaden access to mental health and substance abuse treatment by expanding Medicaid
  • Require civil rather than criminal penalties for certain traffic and low-level drug offenses to reduce recidivism and escalation of criminal behavior
  • Coordinate financial incentives for localities, law enforcement agencies and nonprofits to design and implement violence intervention programs
  • Urge all state law enforcement and prosecutors to resist the criminalization of abortion by deprioritizing abortion-related arrests and subsequent prosecution

Raise the base pay for state patrol, correctional and state supervision officers.

  • Boost starting salaries to $50,000 to address the officer shortage across the state and promote recruitment
  • Provide further salary increases based on experience 
  • Provide $25 million in grants to support living wages and local housing options for local law enforcement officers
Policy / Public Safety /
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