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I believe in One Georgia, where we all thrive and where our children are safe and surrounded by opportunity and possibility. Education is one of the strongest predictors of economic success — both for individuals and for the state’s economy. Unfortunately, Georgia ranks 34th in the nation for preschool and K-12 education. As governor, I will raise the starting teacher pay and increase childcare financial support and paid parental leave while achieving Universal Pre-K. My plan will also expand access to the HOPE scholarship, restore tuition-free technical college, provide mental health resources and repeal campus carry. 

Education and Child Care

  • Expand access to quality child care.
    • Increase childcare financial assistance in all childcare settings
    • Increase paid parental leave by advocating for legislation to give all parents paid time off to care for newborn or recently adopted children and expanding paid leave for Georgia’s state employees
    • Encourage people to enter and stay in early childhood education, especially in hard-to-staff areas, by expand financial support for childcare workers
    • Increase and support quality providers by providing access to $10 million in small business financing programs 
  • Invest in teachers and increase funding for education.
    • Raise the starting teacher pay to $50,000 annually and provide educators with an $11,000 increase to recruit and retain teachers
    • Fully fund Georgia’s comprehensive education funding formula and provide students with the resources they need to learn and succeed
    • Achieve Universal Pre-K that is accessible to all families

Economic Security

  • Expand economic opportunity for all students.
    • Expand access to the HOPE scholarship and fund need-based higher education aid 
    • Restore tuition-free technical college to all Georgians
    • Increase access to good-paying jobs by funding 20,000 apprenticeships
  • Make housing more affordable for everyone. 
    • Support first-time homeowners and provide financial education
    • Establish a permanent “Housing Trust Fund” so that working families facing rapidly increasing property taxes are not forced out of their communities
    • Provide property tax relief for Georgia homeowners
    • Empower local governments to protect homeowners and tenants

Safety and Mental Health

  • Repeal dangerous gun laws.
    • Repeal the criminal carry bill signed by Kemp that made it easier for criminals to carry concealed weapons
    • Close the Gun Show Loophole by requiring background checks for person-to-person gun sales
    • Repeal campus carry, “guns everywhere” and gun return laws that endanger the public and are opposed by a majority of Georgians
  • Expand Medicaid.
    • Increase healthcare access to 500,000 Georgians and keep more hospitals open while lowering cost of care for all by expanding Medicaid 
    • Allow schools to provide counseling and mental health services for low-income families at no additional cost to schools
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