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Middle-Class Georgians

I will fuel the success of Georgia’s middle class by investing in the fundamentals: education, healthcare, housing and making a good living. As governor, I will provide property tax relief for Georgia homeowners, tax rebates for everyone making less than $250,000, establish the Small Business Fund and close the gap between minority and non-minority businesses. My plan will also make college and childcare more affordable, expand Medicaid and support community safety.

Housing & Communities

  • Make housing more affordable for everyone.
    • Empower local governments to protect homeowners and tenants
    • Address rising property values that force families out of their established neighborhoods
    • Help first-time homebuyers through funding the Georgia Dream program for homeownership
  • Keep our communities safe by pursuing common sense gun reforms.
    • Limit gun access for dangerous people in Georgia
    • Pass bipartisan legislation to close background check loopholes and support red flag laws
    • Repeal laws that allows weapons in public schools and college campuses
  • Ensure Georgia’s electricity system is cheaper, more efficient and reliable.
    • Protect Georgians from increased power rates by capping consumer energy costs
    • Establish the Georgia Green Development Bank to facilitate investment in clean power job creation

Economic Growth and Job Investment

  • Provide money and support for small businesses.
    • Establish a $10 million Small Business Investment Fund to help grow customers and commerce 
    • Eliminate fees and red-tape to start your own business 
    • Close the gap between minority and non-minority business revenues in 6-8 years (at current pace, will take 100 years)
  • Put money back in Georgians pockets.
    • Provide tax rebates for everyone making less than $250,000
    • Create a Georgia Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) to help more than a million working Georgians keep more of what they earn and reinvest in themselves


  • Make quality child care affordable.
    • Achieve Universal Pre-K that is accessible to all families
    • Increase supply of high-quality child care providers
    • Advocate for legislation to give all parents paid time off to care for newborn or recently adopted children and expand paid leave for Georgia’s state employees
    • Invest in and support quality child care centers
  • Expand economic and educational opportunity without impacting Georgia families’ bottom line.
    • Expand access to HOPE and fund need-based aid for higher education
    • Make college cheaper and restore free technical college for all Georgians 
    • Increase access to good-paying jobs with quality training opportunities and funding 20,000 apprenticeships including healthcare, entertainment, construction and green energy

Healthcare Access

  • Increase access to affordable and accessible healthcare.
    • Increase healthcare access to 500,000 Georgians and keep more hospitals open while lowering cost of care for all by expanding Medicaid 
    • Address the cost of insulin and health care access 
    • Increase health care worker development and retention
    • Create Covid Long-term Recovery Plan
  • Defend the right to an abortion, reproductive health care and privacy
    • Repeal the 6-week abortion ban by working with Democrats and Republicans
    • Veto future legislation to limit access to abortion or contraception
    • Support safe pregnancies and promote equal access to family planning
Policy / Middle-Class Georgians /
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