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LGBTQ+ Community

From supporting marriage equality and comprehensive workplace protections to opposing any form of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, I am building a stronger, brighter state where freedom and opportunity are available to all, so every Georgian can thrive. As governor, I will expand Medicaid access for LGBTQ+ Georgians, protect their civil and human rights and bolster the rights of LGBTQ+ parents who want to grow their families.

My plan also opposes any legislation that increases the likelihood of harm to students, supports survivors of sexual assault and works to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and Monkeypox in vulnerable LGBTQ+ communities.

Civil Rights

  • Support Equality for LGBTQ+ Georgians.
    • Protect civil and human rights to housing, employment and public accommodations for LGBTQ+ Georgians 
    • Bolster the rights of LGBTQ+ parents who want to grow their families but do not yet have necessary legal protections
    • Reform the Georgia Commission on Equal Opportunity into the Georgia Commission on Human Rights to have the ability to set clear pathways for harassment complaints
    • Push for public accommodations protections for sexual orientation in state law
  • Protect and Support Students
    • Increase access to mental health services for students in school
    • Support all students in school, including allowing kids to play sports together and working with educators to prevent bullying
    • Oppose any legislation that increases the likelihood of harm to students, including transgender and nonbinary students 
    • Support survivors of sexual assault by working to identify gaps in protections, reporting processes and services

Healthcare and Housing

  • Increase access to affordable and accessible healthcare
    • Expand Medicaid, including access for LGBTQ+ Georgians, to increase healthcare access to 500,000 Georgians, keep more hospitals open and create 64,000 good-paying jobs across the state, lowering cost of care for all
    • Defend reproductive freedom, privacy and access to abortion
    • Address the cost of insulin and health care access 
    • Work to prevent spread of HIV/AIDS and Monkeypox in vulnerable LGBTQ+ communities, including a statewide strategy to end the AIDS epidemic in Georgia by 2030 
  • Expand access to safe and affordable housing in Georgia.
    • Support first-time homeowners and provide financial education
    • Establish a permanent “Housing Trust Fund” so that working families facing rapidly increasing property taxes are not forced out of their communities
    • Empower local governments to provide quality housing for homeowners and renters

Economic Security

  • Put money back in Georgians pockets.
    • Tax rebates for everyone making less than $250,000
    • Create a Georgia Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) to help 1 million+ working Georgians keep more of what they earn and reinvest in themselves
  • Expand economic opportunity without raising taxes.
    • Expand access to HOPE, make technical college free for all and fund need-based aid for higher education
    • Increase access to good-paying jobs with quality training opportunities and funding 20,000 apprenticeships so Georgians can earn while they learn

Gun Safety

  • Repeal the criminal carry bill signed by Kemp that made it easier for dangerous people to carry concealed weapons
  • Repeal campus carry, “guns everywhere” and gun return laws that endanger the public and are opposed by a majority of Georgians
  • Push to pass red flag legislation and to close the domestic violence and gun show loopholes

Policy / LGBTQ+ Community /
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