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I have a plan to fuel our Latino community’s success by investing in the fundamentals: education, healthcare, housing, and making a good living. I will work to create a Georgia that welcomes immigrants and allows all communities to thrive—one that grants academic access to DREAMers, makes childcare affordable, supports first-time business owners and helps working families preserve their communities.

Economic Security

  • Expand economic opportunity without raising taxes.
    • Provide tax rebates for everyone making less than $250,000
    • Create a Georgia Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) to help more than a million working Georgians keep more of what they earn and reinvest in themselves
    • Fully fund Georgia’s Need-Based Aid Program for higher education
    • Restore tuition-free technical college to all Georgians
    • Create 20,000 apprenticeships across fields ranging from construction, coding and healthcare 
  • Support and reduce barriers for entrepreneurs.
    • Establish a $10 million Small Business Investment Fund
    • Support first-time business owners with education, training and waiving business start up costs through the Entrepreneurship Learner’s Permit
    • Use Georgia’s purchasing power to support small businesses by establishing and monitoring purchasing targets by all state agencies


  • Embrace and support Georgia’s immigrant communities.
    • Grant academic access to DREAMers by defending the rights of DREAMers to pursue their educational goals, including access to the HOPE Scholarship
    • Ensure that immigrants, women, people of color and people with disabilities serve on the Board of Regents, the body that oversees Georgia’s universities.
    • Work with law enforcement to improve communications and relations with immigrant communities

Quality of Life

  • Expand access to safe and affordable housing in Georgia.
    • Increase financial support and education for first-time homeowners 
    • Create a permanent fund to finance property tax deferments for working-class households facing rapidly rising property taxes caused by gentrification.
    • Empower local governments to protect homeowners and tenants
  • Increase access to affordable and accessible healthcare.
    • Increase healthcare access and keep hospitals across the state open by expanding Medicaid 
    • Defend reproductive freedom, privacy and access to abortion
    • Deprioritize abortion-related prosecutions
    • Support safe pregnancies and promote equal access to family planning
    • Support healthcare worker training and increase retention of doctors
    • Create Covid Long-term Recovery Plan
  • Expand access to quality child care.
    • Achieve Universal Pre-K that is accessible to all interested families
    • Increase childcare financial assistance in all childcare settings
    • Increase paid parental leave by advocating for legislation to give all parents paid time off to care for newborn or recently adopted children and expanding paid leave for Georgia’s state employees
    • Expand financial support for childcare workers to encourage people to enter and stay in early childhood education, especially in hard-to-staff areas
    • Increase and support quality providers by providing access to $10 million in small business financing programs and a new child care center fund

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