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Labor, Jobs & Wages

Workers build and power Georgia, and our businesses are strongest when workers thrive and have a seat at the table. As governor, I will defend the right to unionize in the state of Georgia, crack down on employer wage theft, provide resources for our workers to access apprenticeships and jobs, and protect working families and communities from rapidly increasing property taxes.

Fight For Workers

  • Defend the right to unionize in the state of Georgia 
  • Hold employers accountable for paying less than minimum wage
  • Crack down on employers who wrongly classify employees as independent contractors or commit wage theft
  • Support workers with paid sick leave, expansion of unemployment insurance and repeal preemption labor laws
  • Address the politicization of COLAs for state retirees and examine state pension programs

Expand Economic Growth and Job Training

  • Increase purchasing of products made in Georgia by state agencies
  • Ensure the state prioritizes projects that hire more Georgia workers
  • Fund 20,000 apprenticeships across industries, including the building trades, entertainment and advanced energy, so Georgians can earn while they learn
  • Distribute infrastructure funds fairly and transparently across geographic and demographic metrics

Improve Workers’ Quality of Life

  • Put money back in Georgians’ pockets
    • Tax rebates for everyone making less than $250,000.
    • Establish an Earned Income Tax Credit for Georgia families for a family of four making less than $55.000 
  • Expand Medicaid
    • Adults making $9/hr or less would be eligible for health insurance, including non-crisis mental health and substance abuse treatment
    • Will create 64,000 good-paying jobs across the state
    • Will save hospitals and thousands jobs, including healthcare workers and other services
  • Increase Access to Affordable Housing
    • Support first-time homeowners and provide financial education
    • Establish a permanent “Housing Trust Fund” so that working families facing rapidly increasing property taxes are not forced out of their communities.
    • Invest in more affordable housing units 
    • Expand access to workforce housing
  • Expand Access to Transit and Transportation
    • Leverage the Bipartisan Infrastructure funds to increase investment in transit across the state
    • Support enhanced non-emergency transportation options
Policy / Labor, Jobs & Wages /
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