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An effective government must protect civil rights and fight discrimination based on disability. Though it has been more than thirty years since the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, disabled people are still fighting for inclusion, equal opportunity and economic stability. As governor, I will work in partnership with the disability community in Georgia to fulfill the promises of the ADA: equal opportunity, full participation, independent living and economic self-sufficiency.

My plan will establish the Governor’s Advisory Council on Disability Affairs, improve and expand accessibility in public transportation and increase recruitment and retention of disabled Georgians in the workforce. It will also ensure disabled Georgians live in community-based settings, expand Medicaid, and access to HOPE.

Promote equality and accessibility within Georgia’s government.

  • Establish the Governor’s Advisory Council on Disability Affairs to advise the governor on the needs of disabled people in Georgia, increase representation of disabled Georgians in state government and monitor state compliance with the ADA
  • Improve and expand accessibility in public transportation statewide
  • Work to end marriage penalties for disabled people receiving Medicaid and/or social security payments
  • Advance communication access across state government through guaranteed ASL interpretation, CART, image descriptions, and plain language translations

Expand access to safe and affordable housing.

  • Update the Olmstead Strategic Plan to ensure disabled Georgians live in community-based settings and not in hospitals or institutions
  • Increase funding for Georgia Housing Voucher Program to ensure low-income disabled people have affordable places to live
  • Provide first-time homeowners with increased funding support and financial education
  • Establish a permanent “Housing Trust Fund” so that working families facing rapidly increasing property taxes are not forced out of their communities
  • Empower local governments to protect homeowners and tenants

Bolster healthcare access for Georgians.

  • Invest $35M per year to fully fund the Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) waitlist
  • Increase healthcare access to 500,000 Georgians and keep more hospitals open while lowering cost of care for all by expanding Medicaid 
  • Allow Georgians with disabilities to see a healthcare provider without fear of medical debt
  • Grow our network of community health workers, doulas, home-visiting service providers and peer support specialists
  • Create an information hub with resources and guidance to ensure that people with Long COVID have access to the information and support they need

Expand economic opportunity for disabled Georgians without raising taxes.

  • Strengthen the Employment First Act and advance Employment First initiatives to provide greater access to employment
  • Ensure disabled youth have access to resources and support to ensure a successful transition to independent living in adulthood
  • Explore legislative pathways to ending sheltered workshops and subminimum wages that allow disabled people to be paid pennies on the hour
  • Mandate training for all state agencies, universities, and commissions to increase recruitment and retention of disabled Georgians in the workforce
  • Expand access to HOPE and fund need-based aid for higher education
  • Restore tuition-free technical college to all Georgians
  • Create 20,000 apprenticeships across fields ranging from healthcare, coding and construction
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