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Coastal Environment

My plan for One Georgia will protect our coastal communities, prepare us for extreme weather events, ensure safe air and water for our children, and generate significant job growth through advanced energy, innovative technologies and energy efficiency efforts. As governor, I will develop a Coastal Resilience Plan and establish a Coastal Resilience Commission and also protect Georgians from increased power rates. My plan will also establish the Georgia Green Development Bank, connect farmers to federal programs and pursue legislative and regulatory solutions to protect our drinking water and forests.

Protect South Georgia and the coast

  • Establish a Coastal Resilience Commission to ensure Georgia’s diverse coastline is prepared for intense storms and flooding
  • Develop a Coastal Resilience Plan to coordinate programs that assess extreme weather and flood risks to ensure equitable community resilience planning 
  • Safeguard communities from severe weather threats

Invest in Georgia’s energy systems to protect Georgians now and in the future.

  • Protect Georgians from increased power rates by capping consumer energy costs
  • Ensure Georgia’s electricity system is cheaper, more efficient and reliable while better integrating renewable energy
  • Establish the Georgia Green Development Bank to facilitate investment in clean energy and work with interested communities on clean power job creation
  • Provide tax benefits for adopting greener technologies such as cars, commercial buildings and homes
  • Upgrade aging transportation networks

Invest in and support our agricultural families.

  • Ensure rural investment and revitalization by tasking the Georgia Department of Agriculture with creating a resource hub to connect farmers to federal programs including conservation incentives, cover crop initiatives and crop-insurance options
  • Give farmers access to resources and funding through the Georgia Green Development Bank
  • Establish food hub networks, farmers markets and farm-to-school programs through public private partnerships with area food banks
  • Provide additional support for small farmers and scaling local best practices identified though programs such as Georgia Grown

Protect our natural resources.

  • Task a consortium of state agencies and stakeholders to assess Georgia’s natural resources and determine appropriate next steps, including legislation, to safeguard drinking water, forest health and outdoor recreation
  • Pursue legislative and regulatory solutions to toxic coal ash waste by requiring safe storage of coal ash, engage in continuous monitoring of all such toxic storage sites for leaks, and immediately provide alternative water supplies and groundwater remediation when leaks occur.

Protect the environment and biodiversity.

  • Work with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers to protect Georgia’s coast and wetlands, including along the coast and the Okefenokee Swamp, to keep these areas safe for tourism and recreation
Policy / Coastal Environment /
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