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Black Men

Black men deserve leadership that sees them, serves them, and believes in them. I am committed to investing in Black men, their families, and their businesses by providing opportunities for small businesses and apprenticeships, expanding access to safe and affordable education, and focusing resources on violent crime prevention and law enforcement accountability. 

Economic Security

  • Provide capital and contract opportunities for Black small businesses
    • Establish a $10 million Small Business Investment Fund 
    • Eliminate fees and red-tape to start your own business 
    • Increase purchasing from black-owned businesses by state entities 
    • Allow multiple small companies to jointly bid on state contracts as prime contractor
    • Close the gap between minority and non-minority business revenues in 6-8 years (at current pace, will take 100 years)
    • Create a $5 million Family Farms Initiative to aid small and micro-farms with financing
  • Put money back in your pockets
    • Tax rebates for everyone making less than $250,000
    • End wage theft and misclassification (treating employees as independent contractors)
    • Enforce unemployment regulations in cooperation with the Labor Commissioner (53% of Georgians denied unemployment during the pandemic were Black)

Healthcare and Housing

  • Expand Medicaid
    • Adults making $9/hr or less would be eligible for health insurance, including non-crisis mental health and substance abuse treatment
    • Will create 64,000 good-paying jobs across the state
  • Make housing more affordable for everyone. 
    • Support first-time homeowners and provide financial education
    • Create a permanent fund to finance property tax deferments for working class households facing rapidly rising property taxes caused by out-of-state buyers or gentrification.

Education and Job Training

  • Increase funding to public schools and decrease over-disciplining of black children
  • Create 20,000 apprenticeships, including construction, entertainment and advanced energy
  • Restore free technical college 
  • Expand access to HOPE and fund need-based aid for higher education, particularly at HBCUs

Criminal Justice and Public Safety

  • Focus law enforcement resources on serious violent crime
    • Support legislation to decriminalize marijuana and end poverty-based criminal penalties
    • Repeal extreme gun laws including criminal carry and close loopholes
    • Restore diversion programs and re-entry programs to support housing, healthcare and employment
  • Hold law enforcement accountable
    • Require accountability for law enforcement and correctional officers 
    • Track officers with records of bad behavior and prevent them from getting new jobs 
    • Create state guidelines that address use of force, de-escalation and crisis intervention
Policy / Black Men /
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