Stacey’s Vision

I have a vision for One Georgia where everyone thrives. My plan will support Georgians from cradle to career — expand Medicaid, invest in education and provide free technical college and need-based financial aid, tackle the affordable housing crisis and support small businesses and family farms — all without raising taxes.

Get The Facts: Abrams vs. Kemp

Brian Kemp is a far-right extremist who is too dangerous for Georgia. His extreme and unpopular agenda hurts Georgians: his “criminal carry” policy puts lives at risk, his refusal to expand Medicaid closes hospitals and his cruel anti-abortion mandate hurts women. Four more years of his radical policies threaten our state’s future and our freedom, and it favors the wealthy few at the expense of hardworking families.

Economic Mobility

I have a comprehensive plan to put money in Georgians’ pockets, create thousands of good-paying jobs in every part of the state, and invest in small businesses, minority contracting and family farms to ensure that all Georgians can participate in our economic success and gain financial freedom. From clean energy jobs to fairly distributed infrastructure projects, we will support economic development that revitalizes rural communities and lifts up areas of our state that have waited too long for opportunity.

Educational Mobility

My plan invests in quality childcare and early education. I will ensure Georgian students can access post-secondary education by funding need-based financial aid, investing in 20k apprenticeships, and providing free technical college —without raising taxes and legalizing gaming in Georgia. 

Social Mobility

Where we begin should not determine where we finish. As governor, I will be committed to tackling the barriers that prevent too many Georgians from dreaming big and rising. Your zip code, background or access to power should not decide you or your family’s future.

Housing Affordability

I will ensure Georgians can access stable, safe, affordable housing by tackling housing affordability, the shrinking inventory of housing, the displacement of longtime residents due to gentrification, and the preventable tragedy of homelessness. 

Health Care

I plan to expand Medicaid to lower health care costs for all, provide half a million Georgians with insurance and stop hospital closures. This will bring our tax dollars back home that we’ve already paid in, create over 64,000 jobs and revitalize rural and struggling communities.

Reproductive Freedom

My plan will support safe pregnancies, invest in maternal healthcare, fund rural hospitals and recruit and retain physicians statewide—especially in under-served areas and the 82 …

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Military Families and Veterans Support

Georgia is home to thirteen military installations, nearly two million military family members, and one of America’s most robust veteran populations. My plan will keep our nation’s promises to them, and ensure that their skills and experiences are properly valued as a vital part of our state and our economy.

Rural Revitalization

When it comes to economic development, Georgia is a tale of two states. It is divided into 39 urban–and relatively more prosperous–counties and 120 rural counties experiencing significant economic decline. As governor, I will adopt a comprehensive strategy to revitalize rural Georgia built around investing in people and places as opposed to corporations.

Environmental Action & Resilience

My environmental action plan will protect our air, water and vulnerable communities, prepare us for extreme weather events, and generate significant job growth through advanced energy, innovative technologies and energy efficiency efforts.

Safety and Justice

Georgians want safe communities and justice for our people- and I’m committed to advancing both.  We must decriminalize poverty and ensure real support for returning citizens, as well as pursuing holistic policies to reduce the social determinants that lead to crime. At the same time, we will advocate fair compensation for law enforcement and correctional officers, while also holding them accountable and improving transparency and policies like de-escalation and use of force. My approach is comprehensive and models the work of former Governor Deal’s historic criminal justice achievements in the state, successful work that the current governor has failed to continue, which leaves our state less safe and less just.

Gun Safety

As governor, I will pursue policies to strengthen gun safety laws in Georgia because we can protect the Second Amendment and protect second graders in …

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Voting Rights

Protecting and expanding access to our fundamental freedom to vote is my imperative.  I will fight against unfair voting practices and ensure every eligible voter can register to vote, cast a ballot, and have that ballot counted.

Ethics and Public Integrity

My plan for strong ethical leadership as governor of Georgia will ensure that voters know I am always on their side ready to serve. We can build a better Georgia for everyone, renew integrity in governance, and earn the trust of the people of our state.

Funding Our Vision

A budget reflects our values through a set of priorities and choices combined with sound reasoning and financial decisions. As Governor, the state’s budget would reflect my commitment to using our once-in-a-generation surplus to build a better Georgia. That means money in Georgians’ pockets and investments in healthcare, teachers, public safety, small businesses and agriculture without raising taxes. 

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