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One Georgia Launches Two Limited-Edition Designer Merch Collaborations with Brandon Blackwood and Honor Roll

Limited-edition merch comes days before the start of early voting in Georgia 
on October 17

ATLANTA — Today, One Georgia launched two limited-edition merch collaborations with the bag and accessory brand Brandon Blackwood and Atlanta-based unisex lifestyle brand Honor Roll. The merch collaborations are now available online and feature Brandon Blackwood t-shirts and tote bags along with Honor Roll “SYA” hoodies and long-sleeve shirts.

“I am excited about collaborating with Brandon Blackwood and Honor Roll, two Black-owned businesses, for merch collaborations that represent the values and authenticity of my campaign,” said Stacey Abrams. “Throughout my career, I have been committed to supporting small businesses, uplifting entrepreneurs of color, and meeting Georgia’s diverse communities where they are. These collaborations represent those commitments and values.” 

“It’s been a pleasure to create something special for such an inspiring person. We are honored to partner with her campaign for Governor,” said Brandon Blackwood, designer and founder of his eponymous line.

“Honor Roll Clothing is beyond excited to partner with Stacey Abrams’ campaign! We believe Stacey Abrams’ vision for Georgia strongly aligns with the mission and value of this brand. Our motto, ‘excellence is a process,’ is all about striving for greatness no matter how insurmountable the odds may seem, and this is what we see in Stacey Abrams. We are proud to use our skills to design items that align with the culture and our next governor!” said Honor Roll co-founders Blair Caffey and Chris Duncan.

The merch collaborations are now available at store.staceyabrams.com for purchase.