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NEW: Stacey Abrams Announces Plan for $1 Billion Tax Rebate for Working Georgians

Abrams’ plan would use historic state budgetary surplus and COVID relief money passed by Democrats to give tax rebates to Georgians making less than $250,000 a year

ATLANTA – Today, following the announcement of Georgia’s massive budgetary surplus and second round of COVID relief money, Democratic nominee for Governor, Stacey Abrams, introduced a new proposal to help Georgians struggling with rising costs through new tax rebates. Abrams also called on Governor Brian Kemp to immediately investigate whether COVID relief funds can be used to send stimulus checks to Georgians struggling with inflation, and urged Kemp to work with the Biden administration to do so.

“Georgians need money in their pockets and a roof over their heads – and we need to invest to help them meet this moment,” said Stacey Abrams. “When I am elected Governor, we’re going to deliver assistance to working Georgians worth $500 for joint filers, $375 for heads of households, and $250 for single tax filers through tax credits. Due to our budget surplus and COVID relief money, we can do this plus lower healthcare costs, pay public workers a living wage and invest in rural Georgia, all without raising taxes on anyone. If we focus on Georgia families rather than tax giveaways to millionaires as Kemp has, we can afford to do the right thing. 

“If Brian Kemp cares about helping Georgia families deal with rising costs, he should work with our U.S. Senators to investigate whether he can immediately use ARP funds to issue these relief checks to Georgians. Unfortunately, throughout this crisis, he has criticized the financial help Democrats have provided and refused to work with the Biden administration to help hardworking families. Once again, Democrats have delivered for Georgia, and Georgians need help now. As soon as I am in office, I promise we are going to deliver for them.”

Georgia is on track to end the year with a surplus worth over $6 billion along with the state receiving more than $2 billion in COVID relief money due to the American Rescue Plan passed by Democrats. Under Abrams’ plan, more than 95% of taxpayers would receive a rebate at a total cost of $1.03 billion. The rebate would be capped at incomes of $250,000 and the amount of rebate would be disbursed according to filing status:

  • $500 joint filers
  • $375 head of household filers
  • $250 single filers

Kemp has flatly ruled out working with the administration on any potential relief check measures, and so far has refused to commit to issuing any new rebate checks for Georgians struggling with rising costs.