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New Ad: Brian Kemp’s Dangerous Gun Agenda Cost Georgia Music Midtown

After Kemp’s extreme agenda on guns cost Georgia $50 million in economic impact from Music Midtown, Kemp still refuses to take responsibility or clearly answer questions

ATLANTA – Today, One Georgia launched a new ad highlighting how Brian Kemp’s reckless and extreme agenda on guns cost Georgia Music Midtown and the millions of dollars in economic impact that comes with it. Kemp still has refused to take any responsibility, instead telling reporters he’s “not too worried” about businesses and events leaving Georgia, and saying, “You would have to talk to them,” when asked if he has any regrets about organizers being forced to cancel the major music festival.

“Brian Kemp’s dangerous gun agenda isn’t just putting Georgian lives at risk – it’s threatening our state’s economy as well,” said Alex Floyd, spokesperson for One Georgia. “Brian Kemp must take responsibility for how his reckless and extreme agenda is putting business on the line – but instead, he’s more busy deflecting blame and keeping his base happy than keeping jobs and investment here in Georgia.”

As a result of Brian Kemp’s reckless agenda on guns, Georgia is set to lose $50 million in economic investment from the loss of Music Midtown. This comes after Kemp already “mocked” film industry leaders worried about his abortion ban and cost the state the All-Star Game by pushing an anti-voter law fueled by election conspiracy theories.

The ad, “Music Midtown,” can be viewed here.