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NEW: Abrams for Governor Releases Polling and Memo Showing Tied Race for Governor

Internal campaign polling shows tied Abrams race, momentum gained heading into final ten weeks of election

ATLANTA – Today, Abrams for Governor released a new memo highlighting polling that shows the race for governor is statistically tied. The new poll shows Abrams has made gains with voters of all backgrounds while Kemp continues to lose support across the board. Since May, Abrams has gained a net six points as Georgians begin facing the consequences of Kemp’s dangerous and extreme agenda.

Recent polling from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution shows that Kemp’s extreme anti-abortion law is wildly unpopular with Georgia voters — with Georgia voters opposing the overturning of Roe 39%-54%, Kemp’s six week ban 36%-54%, and a total ban on abortion 21%-72%. Last month, Kemp’s dangerous gun agenda forced the cancellation of Music Midtown, costing Georgia’s economy and small businesses $50 million in economic investment. Kemp further revealed his extremism by coming out against marriage equality and saying that “marriage is between a man and a woman” and that the issue of marriage equality “will be something that the court will have to take up.” Moreover–just this week— Kemp’s refusal to fully expand Medicaid has led to yet another hospital closure in Georgia.

“Georgians know that Brian Kemp’s agenda is too dangerous and too extreme for their families, safety, and opportunity in Georgia. His draconian abortion ban, dangerous gun agenda and the threats they pose to our equality are disqualifying to Georgia voters,” said campaign manager Lauren Groh-Wargo. “This latest poll makes it clear that our campaign has the momentum as we head into the last 10 weeks of the race. We will continue to travel around the state, hearing from and listening to Georgians as we work to build One Georgia and stop Kemp’s radical far-right agenda that endangers the lives and livelihoods of Georgians.”

View below an excerpt from the polling memo

“Notably, the movement we have measured towards Abrams has come in tandem with two key paradigm shifts in this contest. One, that cannot be understated, but is slightly harder to measure, is the impact of the Dobbs decision on the political environment. From special election outcomes to voter registration trends, all signs point to the overturning of Roe as a key inflection point for partisan energy, motivation to vote, and women voters across the country fleeing GOP candidates like Brian Kemp. 

Two, more simply quantified, is the paradigm shift in campaign spending since the primary. As shown in Figure 2, Kemp’s polling lead in May coincided with a spending advantage over Abrams in the final weeks leading up to the primary (illustrated with gross ratings points in the Atlanta broadcast media market). But since the primary, the Abrams campaign has been able to sustain a media buy that substantially outpoints Kemp. With investment, her campaign can maintain this advantage on the airwaves and continue to move the needle.”

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