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NEW: Abrams Ads Highlight Candidate’s Record of Working with State Lawmakers and Delivering for Georgians

ATLANTA – Today, Abrams for Governor launched a pair of new television and digital ads highlighting Stacey Abrams’ experience working with both Democratic and Republican state lawmakers and her record of delivering on behalf of Georgians. 

“Lawmakers” features testimonies from former House Democratic Leader DuBose Porter and State Representatives Sam Park, Mary Margaret Oliver and Carolyn Hugley — all of whom worked alongside Stacey in the state legislature to ensure that Georgians of all backgrounds and zip codes had the opportunity to thrive. The new ad highlights Stacey’s success as Democratic Leader in the Georgia House of Representatives, where she worked across the aisle with Republicans to save universal pre-school and stop the largest tax increase in Georgia history. 

“Lift” focuses on Stacey’s values and explains her plans to invest in hard-working Georgians and create economic opportunities across the state without raising taxes. In the ad, Stacey highlights how, as governor, she plans to invest in everyday Georgians rather than millionaires by creating 64,000 jobs with the expansion of Medicaid and creating 20,000 paid apprenticeships. 

See here for information about how Stacey Abrams will fund her vision for Georgia. 

“Lawmakers” can be viewed here. A transcript follows:

DUBOSE: Stacey is exactly what Georgia needs right now.

PARK: I’ve had the honor of learning from Stacey Abrams as a leader and a mentor…..

OLIVER: She’s brilliant, she’s funny…

HUGLEY: She has a heart for service.

DUBOSE: And she is capable of working with both sides. She’s proved it over and over again.

PARK: Stopping tax increases…with Republicans.

OLIVER: Saving universal pre-school.

HUGLEY: She always wanted to see how the state could work better for its citizens.

DUBOSE: She’s just the most qualified person to be Governor.

“Lift” can be viewed here. A transcript follows:

ABRAMS: When you’re raised without much, you learn not to waste a single dollar. I learned from my parents and as a tax attorney and small business owner to invest where it matters most.

They want to give your money to millionaires. I want to expand Medicaid to invest in hard-working Georgians, create sixty-four thousand good-paying jobs across the state, add twenty-thousand paid apprenticeships. Economists say it will keep our hospitals open and lower costs for everyone – without raising taxes. Don’t believe it? Check my math and check out my plan.

As Governor, I’ll work for One Georgia where we all rise.