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ICYMI: Trump Allies Back Unprecedented Mass Challenge of Voter Eligibility in Georgia 

The group VoterGA has filed 37,500 voter eligibility challenges in Gwinnett County, bringing the statewide total to roughly 65,000 and severely burdening Georgia voters, election workers

ATLANTA — Last week, Bloomberg reported that a group of anti-democratic conspiracy theorists backed by Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, and other Trump allies are challenging the eligibility of nearly 40,000 voters in Gwinnett County alone. 

The group, VoterGA, backed by Flynn and Overstock.com founder Patrick Byrne, filed 37,500 challenges in Gwinnett County—a former Republican stronghold that has consistently voted Democratic since 2016—bringing the total number of voter challenges in Georgia to roughly 65,000. 

Following the passage of Brian Kemp’s extreme anti-voter law SB 202 in 2021, the state no longer limits the number of challenges that can be brought by a single person. The new law also requires that, for certain challenges, county election boards hold hearings on the challenges within 10 days of providing notice to each targeted voter, placing significant burdens on both voters and county elections officials. 

Read more about the conspiracy-fueled effort to challenge tens of thousands of Georgia voters and burden local elections officials below:

BloombergTrump Allies Back Mass Challenge to Voter Eligibility in Georgia
By Margaret Newkirk 
September 1, 2022 

  • “The challenges promise to make it harder for some registered voters to cast ballots and put a heavy burden on already stretched county elections officials charged under state law with responding to them quickly.”
  • “The Gwinnett challenges bring the total this election cycle to about 65,000, due largely to a 2021 overhaul of Georgia voting laws enacted in response to unfounded allegations of widespread fraud in 2020. The law effectively encouraged mass challenges of voter eligibility.” 
  • “There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud in Georgia or any other state during the 2020 election, despite multiple recounts, audits and lawsuits sought by Trump and his allies after he sought to contest his loss.”
  • “‘We expect to see more of this,’ said Kristin Nabers, Georgia director for All Voting is Local, a voting rights group. ‘This is just going to spread all over the state.’”
  • “Nabers said most challenges are dismissed because they use bad evidence, but that they suck up elections officials’ time: A hearing on more than 300 challenges in Forsyth County next week is expected to last nine hours.”
  • “‘It’s contributed to making elections more expensive and more complicated without contributing anything to election security,’ [Fulton County BOE Chair Cathy] Woolard said. ‘It’s a terrible mess.’”