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ICYMI: Stacey Abrams Delivers Powerful Message at Democratic Party of Georgia’s State Convention

Abrams ended the state convention with a unifying speech that laid out her vision for One Georgia

ATLANTA – On Saturday, Democratic nominee for Governor, Stacey Abrams, ended the Democratic Party of Georgia’s State Convention in Columbus with a rousing speech that laid out her vision for One Georgia — a state with the resources to “invest not only in those who are already doing well but in Georgians who need healthcare, education, better jobs and infrastructure so they too can rise.” 

Joined by hundreds of statewide delegates, volunteers, and a slew of federal and statewide candidates and elected officials, Abrams closed the daylong convention with a powerful message of unity and progress.

Yana Batra, student organizer, first-time voter, and first-generation American, introduced Leader Abrams with an enthusiastic message on why she supports Abrams’ visions and plans. Following Abrams’ speech, she was joined on stage with other statewide candidates to commemorate the most dynamic and diverse statewide ticket in Georgia history.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Abrams rallies Ga. Democrats at state convention: ‘Let’s get it done’ 
August 27, 2022
By Shannon McCaffrey 

“In a fiery 30-minute speech, gubernatorial hopeful Stacey Abrams revved up a convention hall full of Democrats. “I intend to be the next governor for the great state of Georgia,” she said. Abrams drew a sharp contrast between “Brian Kemp’s Georgia” and the one she and other Democrats would push for. She criticized Kemp for failing to invest the state’s surplus in programs that would help Georgians.“We have the power, Georgia, let’s get it done,” Abrams said as she wrapped up the daylong convention.

Associated Press: Abrams, Georgia Dems call midterms ‘unfinished business’
August 27, 2022
By Bill Barrow and Jeff Amy 

“We’re going to defy all the naysayers and take our state all the way back,” Abrams told delegates to the Democratic state convention Saturday. “Georgia Democrats, we’ve got unfinished business to take care of.” […] “Standing with me is the most extraordinary ticket Georgia has ever produced,” Abrams said before she addressed the convention. “It looks like Georgia; it sounds like Georgia; it knows Georgia.”

Below are key excerpts from Abrams’ remarks:

“Today, Georgia Democrats, we know what must be done. We must seize opportunity and change the future for Georgians. We have a once-in-a-generation surplus — $5 billion delivered by the Democrats we sent to Washington. Our path is clear — we must pour it into those who’ve been waiting for Georgia leaders to see them and know they too can help Georgia rise.”

“To do that, Democrats, though, we must have the courage to believe more is possible. We must reject the poverty of imagination that the GOP has gaslighted us into accepting as truth. We understand that government is tool, not a weapon. And that investing in One Georgia — in every corner, in every community — is how we truly power this great state. But we must believe we are worthy of One Georgia. One where we invest in our children from cradle to career and pay our educators a professional wage — one that keeps them in the classroom, not the courtroom. A Georgia where we value our bus drivers and paraprofessionals. Where school counselors actually have time to help our children. Where we listen to our parents and fully fund education as a guarantee, not an election year gimmick. One where we reject the right to work for less. Where we know that if we want paychecks to pay more than a minimum wage, we must have a government that is not only business-friendly, it is worker-friendly.” 

“Brian Kemp told us who he was when he ran four years ago: someone who would point a shotgun at a child and invective at immigrants in order to gain Donald Trump’s favor. And now he’s hiding from justice because he’s afraid Georgia voters might notice he’s still that same extremist who refuses to do right by our people. Brian Kemp and his ticket want us to believe that the change we’ve fought for is impossible, that the taxes we’ve paid and money that is in our coffers does not belong to the citizens of Georgia. But I’m here to tell you, it’s time we get what we paid for. Our $3.5 billion a year in Medicaid expansion. Our $450 million in rental eviction relief. Our billions for good paying jobs across Georgia, and a free technical college and need-based aid for our students. While Georgia families are struggling, he would have us believe we must choose between addressing generations of structural racial inequity or building an economy that works for everyone.”

“I decided to run again because I believe in Georgia. In One Georgia. Because I know who we are and what we are capable of achieving. And as I stand here today, I know we’ve got this. In this campaign, I’ve traveled from Camden to Fannin, from Tifton to Taliferro. From Atlanta to Augusta to Albany to Athens. And right here in Columbus, in Southwest Georgia, we will take our stand. We speak with different voices and languages and come from different backgrounds. Our families may not look alike, and we will worship in our own ways. Our needs will sometimes conflict and our dreams may diverge. But no matter who we are and where we come from — we all want to live in a Georgia where: All of our children learn the truth of our past so they can build a better future.  Where voting rights and women’s rights and LGBTQ rights and worker’s rights and disability rights and fundamental, basic, inalienable constitutional liberties are not at the whim of a governor who believes in the sinister appeal of “state’s rights.”