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ICYMI: Stacey Abrams Delivers Major Economic Address; Outlines Her Plan to Ensure Georgia’s Economy Works for All 

Abrams says Georgia has a “once in a generation” moment to invest in Georgia’s families and future 

ATLANTA – This evening, Democratic nominee for Governor, Stacey Abrams, delivered her “Georgia Thrives” economic address in front of a crowd of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and political leaders in the state. Additionally, hundreds of Abrams supporters organized watch parties across the state to hear Abrams highlight her economic vision for the state of Georgia and comprehensive plans to support working families.

Throughout her speech, Abrams explained that under Republican leadership in the state of Georgia, too many Georgians have been left out and left behind. With Georgia’s current $6 billion surplus, Abrams says that the state has a “once in a generation” opportunity to invest in Georgia’s families and children and build a future where everyone can thrive — all without raising taxes. 

Below are key excerpts from Abrams’ “Georgia Thrives” economic address: 

“I am standing for Governor of Georgia because I know that more is possible. Together, we can make smart, long-term investments for our state starting today. An effective governor will bring more capital to small businesses, expand the pool of skilled labor, and champion inclusive policies to build a diverse and thriving economy … Georgia thrives when our economy works for everyone. My economic and jobs plan is firmly rooted in that value. My experience as a small business owner and my decade of experience in the Georgia state legislature have equipped me with the vision to see what must be done and the capacity to deliver across the aisle, across industry and across the state.”

“I have the experience to build a fair, thriving economy where every hardworking family has the chance to succeed. And I have a record that proves I can do it without raising taxes – the curse that Kemp uses to try and scare us away from looking too closely at his priorities. During my time at the Capitol, I fought tax increases disguised as fees and fines and incentives, but I worked across the aisle to invest in transportation, infrastructure and helping small businesses. My Georgia Thrives Plan will grow the economy and focus on jobs and wages, rural revitalization, small business investment, and economic justice – by investing what we have in what we need.”

“For the past twenty years, Georgians have been trained to believe we can’t afford to do what’s right. That solving the big problems and making bold choices won’t work. But when we have been bold and when we’ve been brave, we have been the best. Georgians deserve leadership that doesn’t trickle down opportunity. Instead, we need a governor who says if you’re willing to work for it, we will work with you to succeed.”

“Today, in this election, we face another, starker decision. We are told that our only path to prosperity requires bans on abortion, weak gun laws, an unanswered housing crisis, and a broken healthcare system. That we can afford to pad the pockets of the rich, but not put money into the systems that we rely on — that government is supposed to protect: education, healthcare, public safety, infrastructure. This governor demonstrates day after day that safety and justice are not his priority. He isn’t interested in making it easier for middle-class families, and he has done nothing for those who struggle to stay afloat. 

“Once in a generation we get a chance to set the course of our futures. As the U.S. Supreme Court continues to rescind our civil liberties and deny our human rights, our protections must come from the state. From a governor who believes in our economic might and our moral obligations … Whether it is religious freedom bills that ban access to contraception or anti-LGBTQ laws that restrict same-sex marriage or the further erosion of voting rights and fair elections, the governor of Georgia will hold unprecedented power over the future of the most diverse state in the South.”

Stacey Abrams is the only candidate for governor with comprehensive plans to ensure that all Georgians have economic mobility and the opportunity to thrive — and she will do it all without raising taxes.