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BY THE NUMBERS: Why Brian Kemp Is Eager to Ban Opponents’ Fundraising

Brian Kemp’s allies in the General Assembly are brazenly pushing legislation that would prohibit all of his opponents from fundraising until April 4 or later. Below outlines the numbers behind their motivation.

Unlimited: Contribution limit Kemp awarded himself ability to raise during legislative session
$0: Contribution limit Kemp wants for Abrams and Perdue during legislative session

0: People named Donald Trump supporting Kemp

3: Days after fundraising numbers became public that Kemp’s state senate allies began pushing an opponent fundraising ban

29: Months Kemp was able to raise funds prior to his opponents’ launch

Nearly 4x: Amount Abrams campaign raised in two months vs Kemp over seven (7) months
Nearly 15x: Amount Abrams campaign raised in small-dollar donations over two months vs Kemp over seven (7) months

$136,134: Amount Kemp raised from small-dollar donors over seven (7) months
$157,450: Amount Perdue raised from small-dollar contributions in two months

Unknown: Kemp grassroots donors over seven (7) months
100,000+: Abrams grassroots donors in two months

15: Years Kemp was in state office before his allies pushed to ban his opponents from fundraising

1990: Year the relevant ethics law went into effect

68: Percent of Georgians who disagree with Kemp’s position on Roe v Wade

5,000: Concealed carry permit denials in 2020 to protect public safety

500,000+: Georgians deprived access to Medicaid thanks to Kemp

1.3M: The number of Georgians added to the electorate since 2018