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Opportunity and success in Georgia shouldn’t be determined by zip code, background or power. By tackling the issues that matter the most to Georgians, we can help everyone thrive and work together to create a stronger Georgia — one that works for all. That’s what I’ve prioritized my entire life, and it’s how I will govern. Here is how my plan compares to Brian Kemp’s governance.

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Stacey Abrams


Brian Kemp


Has a vision for One Georgia where everyone thrives. She has a plan to get back to the basics for Georgia families: education, healthcare, housing and making a good living. She’ll put money into our childcare and schools, expand Medicaid, invest in affordable housing and small businesses —all with no new taxes.

Is a far-right extremist who is too dangerous for Georgia. His extreme, unpopular, and radical agenda threatens our state’s future – from blocking funds to the middle class and working families to his weak gun laws, from his refusal to expand Medicaid to bans on abortion. Kemp favors the wealthy few and the ultra-conservatives at the expense of hardworking families.

Economy & Jobs

Has a comprehensive plan to put money in Georgians’ pockets, create good paying jobs, and invest in small businesses, expand minority contracting and help family farms in order to make Georgia the economic engine of the South. She plans to advance clean energy jobs, and revitalize rural communities.

Under Kemp, rent is sky-high, foreclosures are rising, health care costs have destabilized our economy, the middle-class is getting squeezed, and he’d rather help the wealthy instead of working families. Because of low-wages that he promotes, too many are working two and three jobs to make ends meet. Georgians need relief, but he refuses to help.

Voting Rights

A voting rights champion who will prioritize access to the ballot for every voter to protect democracy and effective government. She will fight back against unfair voting practices and ensure that every eligible voter can register to vote, cast a ballot, and have that ballot counted without undue burden.

Is the national architect of modern-day voter suppression. He has purged hundreds of thousands of voters from the rolls, and changed voting laws in Georgia to make it harder for all voters, especially voters of color, senior citizens and the disabled to cast a ballot.  


Plans to expand Medicaid to lower health care costs for all, provide half a million Georgians with insurance and stop hospital closures. This will bring our tax dollars back home that we’ve already paid in, create over 64,000 jobs and revitalize rural and struggling communities.

Under Kemp, Georgia has lost six hospitals, doctors and nurses are leaving the state, and we are at or near the bottom on nearly every major healthcare measure. He has refused to accept more than $10 billion to help save lives, stop maternal and infant deaths and help working people finally get access to mental health care.


Will ensure Georgians have access to reliable healthcare from qualified providers by expanding Medicaid to over 500,000 Georgians. She will address healthcare worker shortages, lower healthcare costs, and save hospitals from closing across the state.

Leaves billions in federal funds on the table by refusing to expand Medicaid, denying access to affordable healthcare for over 500,000+ Georgians and letting Georgians’ federal tax dollars go to waste. Spent $31M to shut down access to HealthCare.Gov for 700,000 Georgians, and allowed the closures of six hospitals across the state.

Maternal Mortality

Will support safe pregnancies, invest in maternal healthcare, fund rural hospitals and recruit and retain physicians statewide—especially in under-served areas and the 82 counties that have no OB-GYN.

Under Kemp, Georgia ranks 1st in the nation in Black maternal mortality. He supported budget cuts that stripped Medicaid coverage from 9,000 pregnant women, and passed a law threatening doctors with jail.


Will ensure Georgians can access stable, safe, affordable housing by tackling housing affordability, the shrinking inventory of housing, the displacement of longtime residents due to gentrification, and the preventable tragedy of homelessness.

Brian Kemp has failed to effectively deploy $450 million in federal funds to help families facing foreclosures as Georgians struggle to keep a roof over their heads. Evictions continue to rise across the state, leading to skyrocketing homelessness rates.


Will invest in quality childcare and early education. Raise teacher salaries and decrease class sizes. She will ensure Georgians’ students can access post-secondary education by funding need-based financial aid, investing in 20k apprenticeships, and providing free technical college for all Georgians—without raising taxes and through passing gambling legislation.

Slashed Georgia’s education budget by nearly a billion dollars while the state ranks 38th in the nation for per-student funding. Under Kemp, Georgia is one of only two states without a need-based financial aid program, and countless Georgians are buried under thousands in student debt. He opposes forgiving student debt for 1.5 million Georgians, but accepted loan forgiveness for his PPP loan.

Public Safety

Will repeal “criminal carry” and require gun owners to apply for a license to carry concealed weapons in public and close the gun show loophole. Supports universal background checks and limiting access to guns for perpetrators of domestic violence and stalking.

Signed a dangerous law making it easier for people to carry concealed guns in public without undergoing a background check. Under Kemp, gun violence is now the leading cause of death for kids in Georgia.

Reproductive Freedom

Will repeal Brian Kemp’s extreme and dangerous six-week abortion ban. She will support access to family planning, protect access to contraception, and provide options for safe reproductive healthcare across the state, including for pregnancy loss.

Signed a dangerous abortion ban that criminalizes abortion care before most women know they are pregnant and could lead to the investigation of women who suffer from miscarriages and doctors being locked up. He wants to go even further and fully ban abortion with no exceptions for rape or incest. He even signaled he is open to banning forms of contraception.

Read more about my plans for Georgia at staceyabrams.com/policy

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