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Mar 31, 2014

House Democrats Pleased With State Launch Of Online Voter Registration

ATLANTA, GA – Members of the Georgia House Democratic Caucus are delighted with the introduction of on-line voter registration, a key platform issue Democrats introduced during the 2014 legislative session. State Representative J. Craig Gordon (D-Savannah) and State Representative Earnest Smith (D-Augusta) introduced House Bill 942, the Online Voter Registration Act of 2014, as part of the House Democratic Caucus 2014 Legislative Agenda.

HB 942 proposed that all eligible voters be allowed to register on-line, and required that applicants have signatures on file from the state’s driver’s license database or another acceptable form of state identification. Voters without signatures on-file would have to provide their identification the polling place.

“In this day in age, almost all of our day-to-day business can be conducted online, and Georgia voters have wanted a simple, accurate, and efficient way to register to vote online,” said Rep. Gordon. “The Secretary of State wisely adopted a policy that helps the entire state move forward.”

“I applaud the adoption of this advanced method of registering eligible citizens to vote,” said House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams. “As the chair of the American Values First’s Voting Rights Project, I believe that we must be proactive in expansion of access to the ballot. On-line voter registration will be essential in engaging new voters and younger voters, and it has proven less expensive to operate than paper-based systems.” The new online registering system will require new voters to have a Georgia driver’s license, and it will be available on several online platforms, such as the Georgia Secretary of State website sos.ga.gov, and on the Android and Apple mobile app platforms.

For more information, please contact Emily Oh.