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Feb 21, 2014

House Minority LeaderIntroduces Amendment To Early Voting Bill

ATLANTA, GA – House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams (D- Atlanta) is pleased the amendment to HB 891, which allows municipalities to opt-out of a one-week early voting period. HB 891 allows the more than 500 municipalities in Georgia to reduce the early voting period for municipal-only elections from seventeen days to six days maximum, saving money for the hundreds of small cities whose populations do not use the full three weeks of early voting.

This amendment states that local governments would be allowed to retain the present three week window. HB 891 passed with the amendment 146-25. Rep. Abrams believes that providing municipalities of all different sizes with a choice will enable local decision makers to select the best early voting options for their constituents.

House Democrats worried that without the amendment, HB 891 would largely affect voter turnout rates for larger cities that rely on the three weeks allotted for early voting. “Legislation affecting voting rights must always preserve the greatest opportunities for voters,” said Rep. Abrams. “The amendment allows local governments and citizens to make the decision about what constitutes the most cost-efficient and effective option for their municipal-only elections without interfering with voter's rights.”