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Educational Opportunity

Democrats understand that a good education is the greatest predictor of economic success and a key to breaking the cycles of poverty. Successful students are developed through parental responsibility and strong schools.

We are dedicated to ensuring the next generation has access to a first-rate education and the tools to drive our economy forward.

As House Minority Leader, I promote legislation that helps students from the earliest days of learning through the post-secondary academics.

We protect the rights of parents to help their children learn, support educators committed to holistic student achievement, and we demand well-equipped and safe schools where children have not only the freedom but the capacity to grow.

Economic Security

Throughout our history, Democrats have believed in equality of economic opportunity. Our state and our economy are strongest when government is a partner in growth, by providing the infrastructure and the framework to guarantee that everyone has a shot at success.

To achieve this, we must invest public infrastructure, pay workers a livable wage, spur job growth with smart policies and demand fair tax policies.

Families deserve a government committed to creating vibrant economy, promoting rural recovery and helping small businesses thrive.

Shared Responsibility

Democrats understand that citizens expect more of their government than simply taxes and regulation. We want government that works for and with the people. We expect a government that asks everyone to do his or her fair share and to play by the rules. We demand a government that understands its business - to spend our tax dollars wisely.

I support legislation that promotes shared responsibility: legislation that fixes government so it works for everyone, promotes democracy and civil engagement, and protects taxpayer’s investments.

We must reject attempts to limit success to the privileged few and to restrict personal liberty.

This balance - fostering a broad range of opportunity while fighting government infringement on our freedoms - this balance is the objective of the Georgia House Democratic Caucus.

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